Home depot scotts snap pac

Home depot scotts snap pac

Scotts snap coated grass seed contains an exclusive super-absorbent material that absorbs 2 times more water than uncoated seed to help increase seeding success. Snap pac bags connect directly to the scottssupsup snap spreader theres no cutting or pouring from heavy bags.

Model 21940 store sku 1000755276 feeding regularly with scotts snap pac lawn food provide the nutrients for a healthy lawn capable of withstanding the stresses of weeds, heat, drought and familuy activity. Snap pac bags connect directly to the scottssupsup snap spreader theres no cutting or pouring from heavy bags.

Snap pac fall lawn food feeding with scotts snap pac fall lawn food provides the nutrients for a healthy lawn to develop a deep root system capable of withstanding the stresses of winter and promotes spring green-up.

  watch our local home depot associates demonstrate scotts snap lawncare system versus a traditional spreader and fertilizer.

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My home depot credit card account profile instant checkout settings list and favorites find a list my subscriptions purchase history cards & accounts account profile lists pro xtra perks my account switch accounts sign out. Create an account track orders, check out faster, and create lists.

  coach dave, a product expert from our how-to community, takes you through using the scotts snap spreader.

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Home depot scotts snap pac

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