Hollywood bowl park hours

Hollywood bowl park hours

Dont miss a beat when should i arrive? We suggest arriving at least one hour prior to your performance. Please refer to the gate time on your concerts detail page for ticketed access to the amphitheater (barring stage delays). Street closures in an effort to ease cut through traffic, no cars may pass except emergency.

Since its opening in 1922, the hollywood bowl has been the premier destination for live music in southern california, hosting everyone from billie holiday to the beatles to yo-yo ma under the iconic silhouette of its concentric-arched band shell.

Theatre hours are limited open 8am, subject to rehearsal and event closure.

Our multi-level museum boasts unique, in-depth exhibitions for both first time visitors and returning hollywood bowl enthusiasts. You can even visit for a free guided group tour or self-guided tour! View exhibits & hours.

Summer hours (juneseptember, exact dates variable by season) monday 4 hours prior to show time tuesdaysaturday 10am - show time sunday 4 hours prior to show time.

American themed ten pin bowling alley, with amusements and american diner.

Welcome to hollywood bowl! Ten pin bowling is great all round fun whether youre with family, friends or work colleagues. With state-of-the-art bowling alleys, delicious food and drink and awesome arcades, we promise to keep everyone entertained.

Many of the key influential figures in the founding of the hollywood bowl were women, most notably the pianist artie mason carter, whose connections with the los angeles arts patrons were vital in the early days of the bowls existence. Christine wetherill stevenson and marie rankin clarke, who both donated 21,000 to purchase the land on which the bowl was built.

The hollywood bowl is the premier destination for concerts, shows and events in southern california.

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Hollywood bowl park hours

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Hollywood bowl park hours
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