Hollywood bowl food wine

Hollywood bowl food wine

Inspired by the gorgeous natural surroundings of the bowl, this al fresco space has the feel of a chic backyard in the hollywood hills.

We are thrilled to present our culinary program, brought to life by james beard award-winning chef suzanne goin and caroline styne.

James beard award winners caroline styne and suzanne goin are now offering delicious meals prepared daily in our on-site kitchen, all paired with excellent wines, to go.

Hollywood bowl food wine los angeles, ca californian we are thrilled to present our culinary program, brought to life by james beard award winning chef suzanne goin and restauranteur caroline styne (of celebrated local restaurants lucques, a.).

Anns wine bar features a wide selection of caroline stynes favorite new- and old-world wines to be explored by adventurous and less experienced wine drinkers alike, all paired with suzanne goins signature small-plates menu. We encourage you to make a reservation, as walk-in space is very limited.

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Hollywood bowl food wine

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