Hogwarts mystery hagrid birthday gift

Hogwarts mystery hagrid birthday gift

As most of you may know already, rubeus hagrid is the keeper of keys and grounds at hogwarts. Youve had the chance to meet him shortly after starting your hogwarts journey. It is only fair that you repay him by organizing the best possible birthday party. You will need to do a lot of work in order to get everything prepared.

Hit the go button and proceed to the corridor to choose hagrids gift. There, youll encounter amos diggory, together with three magical creatures. Apparently, he brought those creatures because professor dumbledore asked him to. Your next task is to take a good look at them and choose one as a gift for hagrid.

Hagrid was happy about the party, the gift jacobs sibling gave him and the fact that even snape came. At the end of the party, he gave jacobs sibling an outfit nearly identical to the one he was wearing at the time but smaller, which he had worn before turning six.

In this one, youll need to convince professor snape to attend hagrids birthday party. Hopefully, the ingredients that you gathered in the artefact room will help you with this.

This is in direct conflict of what would be helpful to hagrid since his giant skin gives him plenty of protection from curses. (porlocks could help him with the thestrals and hippogriffs and we know that he later experimentally breeds fire crabs into blast ended skrewts). So, my mc is kinda a jerk for picking a gift based on whats best for her and not whats best for the recipient.

  astute viewers will realize that this is not actually hagrids birthday--his is actually december 6th.

  we get to prepare ans celebrate hagrids birthday in the game! Isnt that awesome!this sidequest appears for all players in the game but note that it is tim.

I still have to do the conversation task, but if you have a choice to pick one of the 3 creatures, what did everyone choose? If there isnt a choice then im sure this was for not.

Since my guide for the animagus sidequest and my guide for the prefect sidequest have been very popular, ive decided to do another one for the hagrids birthday sidequest. This post (and its comments, i hope) are a way to help everybody with the sidequest in order to give them helpful tips for the task that are in the sidequest.

Year 1 in harry potter hogwarts mystery entails how the player, as jacobs sibling, meets some new friends, makes some enemies and learn potions, charms, and how to fly on a broomstick. At the same time, they search for clues about their missing brother, and the cursed vaults he was looking for.

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Hogwarts mystery hagrid birthday gift

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Hogwarts mystery hagrid birthday gift
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