Hifo method of inventory valuation

Hifo method of inventory valuation

  highest in, first out (hifo) is a method of accounting for a firms inventories wherein the highest cost items are the first to be taken out of stock.

It is an inventory accounting method where the oldest stock or the inventory that entered the warehouse first is recorded as sold first. So, if you sell a product, the cost of goods sold by using the fifo method is the value of the oldest inventory.

  first-in, first-out (fifo) according to the first-in-first-out (fifo) valuation method, the inventory items are sold in the same order in which they are purchased or manufactured. The oldest inventory products are sold first as per the fifo method.

What is fifo method? The first-in first-out method, or fifo inventory costing method, assumes that the goods you purchase first are the goods you use and sell first. The fifo inventory method is for businesses with perishable inventory or short demand cycles.

First-in-first-out method (fifo) in this method, you assume that the first products to enter the inventory are also the first ones to be sold. The obvious benefit of this method is that it accurately reflects how most retailers do business.

  first-in-first-out (fifo) method of inventory valuation is easy, accurate and quite logical it is based on the assumption that the products which are purchased from the supplier (or produced) earlier are sold first. So, fifo method takes the cost of the oldest inventory as a basis of cogs (cost of goods sold) formula.

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Hifo method of inventory valuation

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Hifo method of inventory valuation
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