Hidden stop loss and take profit

Hidden stop loss and take profit

Hidden stop-loss and take-profit the stop-loss and take-profit values that you set via its input parameters are not visible to the broker. You can set stop-loss and take-profit as a distance (in points) from the trades open price.

The system is run as follows first, open the buy andor sell orders that you desire for a particular chart symbol. Second, open the ea in a chart with the same symbol, specifying the size of the hidden stop loss and take profit in points.

Stoploss 50 the hidden stop loss is placed 50 points (or 5 pips) from the entry price. Takeprofit 50 the hidden take profit is placed 50 points (or 5 pips) from the entry price. Relative openprice the user has two options to choose from regarding the placement of the hidden stop loss and take profit.

Eurgbp chart on mt4 platform running a short trade with a hidden stop loss and take profit levels set to be sligthly smaller than the real sltp values. However, note that if you want to remove real sltp and hide it with hidden sltp, the copier will not allow that by default.

It will scan through the active trades associated with the charts symbol and then defines a a hidden stoploss and hidden takeprofit using the inputs istoplosspoints, itakeprofitpoints and irelative. Irelative indicates if the openprice of the trades should be used to define the hidden stoploss level or the mid of the candle.

  stop loss is always associated with an already open position in the market or with a pending order. Take profit an order that locks the profit when the asset price reaches a certain level. Take profit execution leads to the position closing with a profit.

Comforex-softwarestealth-eathis video shows how you can adjust hidden stop loss and.

  when pending orders are set up, stop loss and take profit orders can be attached to it. Then, when the price reaches the pending order and activates it, the stop loss and take profit orders are instantly attached to the trade. With the mt4 trading platform, you can open the order entry box by pressing f9 on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can right-click on the chart of your choice.

  easy to set up choose default lot size , stop loss and take profit allows action on touch, pullback or breakout of trendline the usage and configuration of the expert advisor is as follows load the ea draw your trendlines on the chart add buy or sell actions to free. The ea picks up your losing order and tries to close it at 0 or in small plus.

  use hard stop loss because youll be reluctant to close your positions when using mental stop loss. I enter a price and the computer closes a trade (limit or stop) just the same as if the broker did it.

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Hidden stop loss and take profit

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