Hard chrome gun refinishing

Hard chrome gun refinishing

Hard chrome is one of the most durable and corrosion resistant finishes available for firearms. We offer chrome in matte (bead blast finish), brushed (400 grit polish) and bright (mirror) finish.

Metalife hard chrome firearm plating is applied by a rigidly controlled process to produce a superior degree of adherence and uniformity that is not obtainable with conventional chromium plating. Metalife is effective in increasing wear resistance in sliding surface contacts. Metalife hard chrome resists attack by almost all organic or inorganic compounds.

Metaloy hard chrome plating firearms refinishing services description metaloy industries, inc. Has been refinishing firearms for over 32 years with our original metaloy hard chrome finish. We provide service for individuals, competition shooters, ffl dealers, custom gunsmiths.

For instance, chrome has a rockwell hardness of between 65 and 70 c scale. This translates to about 1000 on the vickers hardness ratings. The coating thickness is less than chrome and should not affect the parts fitting after finish is applied.

Apw offers premier firearm refinishing including chrome, nickel, bluing and cerakote. Apw is now offering deep laser engraving as well as nfa engraving.

But this might be truer to the colt 1903 nickel finish see www. If you decide to go the polished chrome route, you gotta get faux pearl grips.

Manufacturing shop that specializes in hard chrome, flash chrome, gun restoration, gun bluing, color case hardening. Clinton township, mi 48036 ph fax .

  fords custom gun refinishing has done hard chrome for me for non-cowboy type guns and i was considering it for a well worn uberti i am getting soon. Garden variety deputy marshal top active citizen posts 8149 smile.

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Hard chrome gun refinishing

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Hard chrome gun refinishing
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