Hajime no ippo translation

Hajime no ippo translation

This is an english patch for the gba game hajime no ippo, a boxing game that is apparently like punch out, but with hajime no ippo characters and special moves.

Xx this is a pkg file that is used to patch the game update 1. Notes this is just a dirty translation since im not a translator nor belong to a hacking group, just a one-man job using freely available tools and web.

Link for those having problems looking for my patch, be sure.

  densetsu3000 main translator ( send him a pm and thank him for the time he put into this translation! ) puar and the rest of ignition-one team editing, translating ( a big thanks to puar and his team for making their translations and edits so the hardcore hajime no ippo fans would enjoy the game! ) me, noitora hacking.

  developer -treasurepublisher - esp softwarerelease date - december 12, 2002.

This guide is for everyone who really wants to enjoy as much as possible the wonderful game of hajime no ippo, also known as victorious boxers. Although the japanese version of this game is mostly already in english, there are still parts of it that people might get confused with. There will be no literal translations of the in-game text here, but you will be provided with the idea of how to.

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Hajime no ippo translation

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Hajime no ippo translation
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