Hajime no ippo soundtrack

Hajime no ippo soundtrack

Original soundtracks first ko hajime no ippo original soundtrack (march 16, 2001) first ko album art.

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Hajime no ippo is a japanese manga by george morikawa based on boxing. He has been serialized in weekly shonen magazine (kodansha) since 1989. Hajime no ippo (tv phase 1) was broadcasted from october 2000 to march 2002. Hajime no ippo new challenger (tv phase 2) is the second phase of the broadcast from january to june 2009.

Hajime no ippo shocking lemon anime anime openings anime endings hajime no ippo anime soundtrack.

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Honestly after watching hajime no ippo and listening to the openings and endings while reading the manga, im obsessed with these songs. Which one do you think is the best? Personally eternal loop is the best ending and soundtrack from the show and second for me is op 5.

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Hajime no ippo soundtrack

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