Hajime no ippo sendo

Hajime no ippo sendo

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  hajime no ippo is a 2000 japanese anime series based on the manga written by george.

  hajime no ippo 5 reasons why sendo is ippos true rival (& 5 why its miyata) sendo and miyata are both seen as rivals to ippo in the anime hajime no ippo, but there are good points on both sides for who his biggest rival is.

Si el vdeo te gusto, te agradecera que le dieras pulgar arriba y lo compartieras con tus amigos, para que as mi trabajo llegue a mas personas.

  this clip is from the movie hajime no ippo champion road and picks up where the english dub version of the anime ends (there is another season but its stil.).

  sendo is a dangerous in-fighter who has a ton of knockout power. With his only losses being to the series main protagonist, and out side of a few other matches everything being a dominant performance, we have to put him on the list of strongest hajime no ippo characters.

Aqu les dejo los captulos de la primera temporada en buena calidad para que los disfruten ) httpswww.

  esta pequeña escena ocurre despes del spar de sendo vs miyata.

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Hajime no ippo sendo

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