H61 pro btc

H61 pro btc

- supports 3 rd and 2 nd generation intel core i7 i5 i3 xeon pentium celeron in lga1155 package.

Supports 3 rd and 2 nd generation intel core i7 i5 i3 xeon pentium celeron in lga1155 package.

H61 pro btc supports 3rd and 2nd generation intel core i7 i5 i3 xeon pentium celeron in lga1155 package 100 all solid capacitor design.

Additionally, you can choose operating system to see the drivers that will be compatible with your os.

Download asrock h61 pro btc via high definition audio driver v. 10900a for windows 8 (3264-bit), 7 (3264-bit), vista (3264-bit), xp (3264-bit).

Asrock h61 pro btc motherboard intel h61, ddr3, s-ata 300, atx, 1 x pci express 3.

- supports intel hd graphics built-in visuals intel quick sync video with avc, mvc (s3d) and mpeg-2 full hw encode1, intel intru 3d, intel clear video hd.

On the intel site you can find generic drivers for desktop and mobile solutions in general, but not drivers for wdt feature.

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H61 pro btc

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