Global forex institute demo

Global forex institute demo

Gfi (global forex institute) is a forex training institution. Established, by the youngest millionaire in south-africa, sandile shezi. Shezi formally from the dusty streets of umlazi, a township situated in the south of durban.

Just like the gfi students they are from all over the world and regulated in their respective countries.

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Gfi (global forex institute) is a forex training institution. Established, by the youngest millionaire in south-africa, sandile shezi. Shezi formally from the dusty streets of umlazi, a township situated in the south of durban. Gfi was born to create financial freedom and to decrease the unemployment rate not only in south africa.

Global forex institutes advanced training course has been developed by sandile & george, bringing together the best information from various sources into a focused, modular program to help students ultimately achieve success in the forex market. Our training program is made up of a 2 day theory lesson held over a weekend followed by weekly mentoring sessions in a classroom environment.

Global forex institute pledges to empower the nation with knowledge that could change millions of peoples lives and in the process change our country for the better. About management gfi was started by george van der riet and sandile shezi. George van der riet is a semi retired forex trader with 15 years experience.

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Global forex institutes vision is to become a world-class forex trading institution, by providing exceptional free forex training.

No bells and whistles just ultra tight spreads, low commissions & unparalleled customer service! Start trading free demo account.

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Global forex institute demo

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