Giambrone law complaints

Giambrone law complaints

Giambrone,helped me obtain italian giambrone,helped me obtain italian citizenship and passport facilities. Their tireless work and attention to detail made a cumbersome task for me,very smooth and easy. A special thanks to elze and giandomenico who helped me all along.

I have already recommended giambrone laws services to friends and colleagues and would not hesitate to do so again at any opportunity. The team is extremely pleased to learn how happy you are with the outcome of your matter.

Giambrone takes all grievances seriously and would welcome an opportunity to discuss your complaint with you directly to resolve any issues. Please contact our client services team in london who will direct you to the client relationship team and i will be pleased to speak to you. I assure you every effort will be made to deal with this matter.

There are hundreds of complaints about giambrone law on website called www. Com the complaints are hidden until you register as gabrielle giambrone has threatened the forum owner with liabledefamatiion but they are brave and they have still published these stories as they are all true. The uk law society has been investigating gabrielle giambrone and he has ignored their letters.

Giambrone is an award-winning full service law firm operating through a network of offices in rome, milan, palermo, barcelona, berlin, tunisia and new york. By continuing to use the site, you agree to our use of these cookies. To learn more about how we use the cookies and how you can manage them, please see our cookies policy.

Complaint review text giambrone law llp is law firm based in london. Giambrone law are my lawyers i paid a 50 deposit following advice given by this firm. It turn out in the end that the builder has not got planning permission and my money has been stolen. Giambrone law my lawyers told to me they had done due diligence and told me there was planning.

  no disciplinary action has been taken by the sra against giambrone law or gabriele giambrone from august 2008 (when the sra visited the premises of giambrone law llp in london) to date (march 2011) and therefore any allegations of wrong-doing, which have been refuted, are.

Gabrielle giambrone & giambrone law llp - studio legale giambrone signed up hundreds of people to dodgy real estate cons caseworks of ohio, buckeye interiors, jerry sager this company signed change orders and approved additional work on three projects and not only didnt pay the additional work but did not pay the complete contracts.

  other than the bdb lawsuit (where they need to put some real effort into it to come out ahead), my confidence in giambrone is slipping. They are a licensed law firm (unlike some secret lawyers being promoted), but this complaint isnt unique. Brian, send them am email invitation to come and join the discussion.

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Giambrone law complaints

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Giambrone law complaints

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