Getting a sim card in bali

Getting a sim card in bali

  apart from the airport you can buy your bali sim card in the official shops. You will find many of them around bali in seminyak, ubud, canggu everywhere. Just bring your passport they will explain their packages to get your prepaid bali sim card.

Have a look for some information on how to get a local sim card in bali! Cellular operators the cellular providers have their own strength and weakness. There are more than 3 cellular operators in indonesia but the most popular cellular providers is telkomsel. Their pre-paid sim cards are called simpati, kartu as and loop.

How to buy a prepaid sim card in bali buying a sim card from any of the providers in bali isnt difficult. Getting it working, and paying the going rate, however, can be more challenging. As of april 2018, all sims in indonesia need to be registered.

  prepaid sim card in bali airport available for telkomsel product only. Thier prices are higher compare to price at the cellular shop, it is almost 2-3x higher. Actually, it is easy to get sim cards in bali, you may get them in a small shop or cellular shop. Usually the have a sign jual pulsa or (shop name) cell in front of the store.

  incase you are still confused in how to register your sim card, going to the graparitelkomsel indosat or xl can be a great alternative. They are the official store of sim card in bali, with customer services who ca help you with activiting your number, mostly are located in kuta and denpasar area.

  how to get a sim card in bali 2019? Where to get a sim card in bali. How to get a sim card to work in bali? How to make phone calls from bali? How to use dat.

If your phone is unlocked, the easiest way to get cell service in bali and indonesia is to purchase a sim card at the airport. If not, at&t, verizon, and t-mobile all offer international services at various rates.

  if your phone is unlocked, buying a sim card in bali is the best way to ensure you stay connected. However, new laws in indonesia have made it more difficult and expensive for foreigners to buy a sim card in bali. As of april 2018, all sim cards have to be registered at one of the service providers official stores.

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Getting a sim card in bali

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