Gams solver options

Gams solver options

To select a special solver, you will have to specify the solver using additional parameters (see gams parameters) or with an option statement in the gams model. The legend button will show the meaning of the symbols used a mouse-click will make the legend disappear again. The reset button above the matrix will remove all default assignments.

Section controlling a solver via gams options describes how to set the gams options that control a solver. Further, most solvers allow the user to set additional, solver-specific options. These can be set via a solver specific options file, which will be discussed in section the solver options file.

Options that control choice of solver options that affect input program control other options special options that involve identifiers in the following subsections we will offer brief descriptions of the options in the first five categories. Note that each entry is linked to a detailed description of the respective option. Observe that detailed descriptions of all gams command line.

Gams option setting applies to all solvers, not just to a speci c one. 2 gams options options exist in two forms global or model-speci c. Option iterlim 100 while the model su x sets a gams option for an individual model mymodel. Iterlim 10 in addition, the default value of a global gams option can be set on the gams command line.

The following gams options are used by gamscplex option bratio x determines whether or not to use an advanced basis. 0 causes gams to instruct cplex not to use an advanced basis. 0 causes gams to construct a basis from whatever information is available.

Gams options solvelink static public attributes list of all members. Static public attributes int chainscript 0 model instance and entire gams state saved to scratch directory, gams exits (and vacates memory), and the solver script is called. Int callscript 1 model instance saved to scratch directory, the.

Optfile 1 is required before the solve statement in your model file. Only optfile 1 is supported, however, options also may be specified within the model input file (see the gams documentation).

A yes in position (i,j) means that the gams solver j is available in your system to solve a problem of type i. Please note that headers are included in this summarytable, so the first column and the first row have labels for solvers and problem types, respectively. Booleantable type double matrix description matrix summarizing which problem can be solved by which solver.

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Gams solver options

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