Galaxy s7 no hotspot option straight talk

Galaxy s7 no hotspot option straight talk

I have the galaxy s7 that i got from straight talk last year. I heard that straight talk offers mobile hotspot now, but theres no mobile hotspot option on my phone! Ive used the search option in the settings, ive clicked on every single option in the settings, ive checked the quick setting, i looked under development options, and its nowhere to be found.

You need to know that you have to configure the phone wireless hotspot, activate the hotspot in order to enable your phone push a signal out, and connect the device to the hotspot that already activated so that you can use your galaxy s7 as wi-fi hotspot. Please go to settings and tap the connections tab, then tap mobile hotspot and tethering.

Enter or edit the network name, select the security type, and enter or edit the password. The hotspot might turn off and turn back on with the newly configured settings.

Guess what! No mobile hotspot app in the app drawer! I thought they might have moved it but after searching the system apps, double checking to see if i didnt disable it when i ran package disabler, im not finding it anywhere. Headed down to the at&t store when they open, but im not feeling optimistic.

  s7 how to setup tethering - mobile hotspot - samsung galaxy s7 edge - youtube.

If you need hotspot and your straight talk plan does not include it or your on the 55 plan you are not able to get hotspot working, switch to a prepaid wireless carrier that includes hotspot. Ive tried many prepaid wireless carriers, almost every one includes hotspot and it simply works without issue.

I unrooted and made sure tethering was install in my stock rum.

  as of october 2019 straight talk includes 10gb hotspot data on the 55 plan.

Mobile hotspots and tablets are only compatible with straight talk data service plans. Straight talk unlimited plans and all you need plans will not work with these devices. For mobile hotspot devices a single connected device will experience optimal speeds.

Go to the notification settings, by swiping down on the home screen.

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Galaxy s7 no hotspot option straight talk

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