G2a not accepting debit card

G2a not accepting debit card

  please note, that many of the debitprepaid cards has a restriction, that they can be used only within country of purchase, for example usa.

On 6112016 at 127 pm, llamagames said yea thats what im doing now just wondering if it has happened to anyone else basically.

When a transaction is declined by one of the entities taking part in the process g2a. Com uses an advanced security system, which automatically rejects transactions if it detects anything suspicious.

Make two paypals, add the card as a prepaid card under the wallet section, send 38 (it takes tax) to your other account and you will have the usable funds on the other account.

  i recently purchased my self a 200 visa gift card to load up on some steam games but i cant seem to get it to work. I cant use the card directly cause i dont think g2a accepts gift cards, so i tried linking it to one of my new paypals, but it didnt work there, so i linked it to a older paypal wh.

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G2a not accepting debit card

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