Fyers margin for option selling

Fyers margin for option selling

Since the seller of the option is exposed to a greater risk than the buyer, the margin requirement is greater for the seller. The exchange stipulates margin requirements based on the volatility of the underlying asset.

Total margin is collected to hold the position overnight which is also known as margin under the products available at fyers. If you choose the product code as intraday instead of margin while placing an order then you will get an additional leverage benefit of 40 of the total margin requirement.

Option shortingwriting margins for shorting an option depends on various factors like volatility, underlying, expiry & more. We at fyers do provide margins for intraday orders, where you will need only 40 of overnight margin requirement. But these intraday orders will be automatically squared off at the end of the day.

Fyers margin for option selling from may 7th, 2018, the margins or the leverages available for trading got updated and an increased intraday time frame introduced in all segments. Lets say that for one batch of nifty futures, the span exposure margins are about 60,000. 4 times (4x) of leverage means that with 15,000 (15,000 4 60,000), you will be able to take a spot.

Futures & options selling lets assume that the span exposure margins for 1 lot of nifty futures is 60,000. A leverage of 4 times (4x) means that you will be able to take a position with just 15,000 (15,0004 60,000). Options buying span exposure margins are not applicable for option buyers.

Bracket order (bo) is a product type where you can place buysell orders with a target and a compulsory stop loss orders. You get higher leverage for bracket orders than intraday orders but the margin requirement will vary depending on the stop-loss price. Square-off for bo positions gets automatically initiated 15 minutes before the market closes.

Equity futures calculator helps our customers to calculate margins before you trade. You will get margin benefit of 40 of overnight margin for intraday trading between 915 am to 320 pm.

Trading platform fyers provide fyers one which is developed fyers themselves mobile app fyers mobile app is known as fyers market following table illustrates the summary of the fyers brokerage charges. Following table has the detailed breakdown of the charges levied by fyers for options segment.

  fyers margin for options fyers offers 4x intraday margin for options selling and 1. 3x margin for option buyers co on nifty near-month contracts.

Either you are the buyer of a put options or the seller of the call options. If you are a buyer of put options then to sell 1 lot of banknifty or long put on banknifty, you need to pay premium money at the time of buying.

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Fyers margin for option selling

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Fyers margin for option selling
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