Fxtm standard account minimum deposit

Fxtm standard account minimum deposit

The fxtm standard account type is the regular account type used by a lot of the brokers retail traders. This account has a minimum fxtm deposit of 100 usdeurgbp or 40,000 ngn depending on your base currency and location.

Check the following comparison table to see how fxtm stacks up against similar brokers when it comes to minimum deposits the minimum deposit varies according to account types. Among ecn accounts, the minimum deposit is 500 for the ecn account, 200 for the ecn zero account and 25,000 for the ecn pro account.

Fxtm minimum deposit the fxtm minimum deposit amount that fxtm requires is us dollar 10. The minimum deposit amount of us dollar 10 when registering a live account is equivalent to zar185.

How much is fxtm minimum deposit? The lowest fxtm minimum deposit is 10 dollars, or 10 euros, or 10 pounds, depending on your account currency.

Ecn zero account which has a minimum deposit of 200 ecn account which has a minimum deposit of 500 pro-account which has a minimum deposit of 2500 as it is evident above, fxtm has a very elaborate trading accounts framework.

What is a standard forex account? The all-time classic forex account, the standard account at forextime (fxtm) offers traders a wide range of features and perks suitable for all traders, from the most amateur to the most experienced.

Furthermore, please note that stock trading is available only on fxtm pro mt5 account and the minimum deposit required is 250,000 eurgbpusd. 6 please note that on all mt4 market execution accounts (ecn, ecn zero and pro), preset sltp levels are not permitted.

This makes fxtm one of the low minimum deposit forex brokers. The broker supports metatrader 4 and its new version metatrader 5. These platforms are considered the sector standard and are offered by many brokers.

The minimum deposit for this forex cent account account type is 5. Generally, a cent account is preferred by traders who use forex robots. Traders can try out their robots or trading strategies without risk for this account type.

  fxtm adopts nbp(negative balance protection), this means that you will not lose more than you deposit in your forex & cfds investment. In the standard account, margin call is 80 and stop out is set to 50, so all your positions will be automatically closed when the margin level reaches down to 50.

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Fxtm standard account minimum deposit

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