Fxcm managed accounts

Fxcm managed accounts

Does fxcm have managed fx accounts? For traders, who are new to the online trading, fxcm provides a copy trading service through zulutrade. Find out more information about the zulutrades copy trading service in the page here.

Select your country of residence and desired trading platform to get started. You will then be directed to our secure server to complete the online application. Upon completing the application you will be provided a username and password.

The investment was a huge success gain 971, deposit 43,000 usd, withdrew 183,000 usd in less than 2 years ! See the statement below and read how to benefit from a 10 years veteran trader. Projected profit is around 15month, profit share is 25 on high water mark basis, settle at end of each month.

  in the last three months, clients have opened over a 1,000 managed accounts with fxcm. Fxcm now offers two managed forex funds developed by our own analysts and traders the fxcm sentiment fund and the fxcm aggressive sentiment fund. The recent performance of these two funds has been exceptional in difficult market conditions.

Fxcm eu ltd (fxcm eu) is a cyprus investment firm (cif) registered with the cyprus department of registrar of companies (he 405643) and authorised and regulated by the cyprus securities and.

Fxcm markets limited (fxcm markets) is incorporated in bermuda as an operating subsidiary within the fxcm group of companies (collectively, the fxcm group or fxcm). Fxcm markets is not required to hold any financial services license or authorization in bermuda to offer its products and services.

  actually this is for the forex sytem selector which is run by auto trader. The topic being discussed is fxcms managed accounts which they personally oversee they are completely different.

Elective professional traders can open an fxcm professional account. If you are able to answer yes to two or more of the following, you may be eligible 1. Have you traded leveraged derivatives in significant sizes over the last four quarters? Do you have a financial instrument portfolio exceeding eur 500,000? Have you worked in the financial sector, in a professional position requiring.

An email was recently sent to your e-mail address on file with instructions on how to update your password. Your authorization information was sent to the email address specified in your contacts.

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Fxcm managed accounts

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