Fundrise vs realty mogul vs rich uncles

Fundrise vs realty mogul vs rich uncles

  rich uncles minimum investment amount is just 5 whereas fundrise has a higher minimum of 500. Although fundrise has a much higher minimum than rich uncles, the minimums are vastly lower than the down payments a commercial real estate investor would need to invest to buy a property outright.

  rich uncles gives investors the opportunity to invest in real estate equity investments for as little as 5. Fundrise has a 1 annual fee, while rich uncles fees vary based on the success of the investment. Rich uncles only offers two investment portfolios while fundrise offers four.

While typical reits pay 10 of their annual income for fees, such as property management, rich uncles charges just 3. That means 97 of the income from a reit will come directly to you as the investor. Fundrise charges 1 of your investment in either an ereit or efund.

Fundrise has a lower minimum balance of 500 compared to 5,000 to invest with realty mogul. Realty mogul only has two portfolios for non-accredited investors which are the mogul reit i and mogul reit ii. Fundrise has four different portfolios available to all investors.

Rich uncles offers two portfolios to non-accredited investors, but one is available in select us states only. Rich uncles has a lower minimum to invest of just 5 compared to 5,000 for realty mogul.

Compared to many of the best real estate crowdfunding sites, realty mogul fees are rock bottom. 50 and you can expect investments to span anywhere from 6 months to approximately 7 years.

Fundrise is a leading real estate crowdfunding platform that allows you to directly invest in private commercial real estate opportunities. With an investment minimum of only 500, you can start earning passive income or capital appreciation through one of funds and investment plans.

But it also offers private placements in individual properties. With realty mogul you can invest in commercial properties, specifically apartment buildings, office buildings and retail space.

Fundrises withdrawal fee falls much faster than realtymogul. Com, which makes them the 2nd and 3rd best in this category (respectively).

Investment minimum in general, realty moguls individual products carry a minimum investment of 5,000. However, similar to fundrise, the platform also offers a private reit with a minimum investment of 1,000 and for which investors do not need to be accredited.

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Fundrise vs realty mogul vs rich uncles

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