Ftmo prop trading

Ftmo prop trading

This evaluation process consists of the ftmo challenge and the verification and is specifically tailored to discover trading talents.

Upon successful completion of the evaluation course, you are offered a placement in the ftmo proprietary trading firm where you can remotely manage the ftmo account with a balance of up to 2 00,000 usd.

Traders who want to advance their trading to the next level can choose to trade for a proprietary trading firm. What are the benefits of doing so? 3 reasons why you should trade for a proprietary trading firm. Ftmo is a leading firm in the trading industry and offers our traders to work with an initial account balance of up to 400,000 after passing the evaluation process.

Upon successful completion, traders are offered a placement in the ftmo proprietary trading firm, where they can remotely manage up to 400,000 usd and continuously grow the account according to our scaling plan. As an ftmo trader, you are eligible to keep 70 of the profits you generate.

  the ftmo account is connected to our proprietary trading firms live trading account with real capital. The client is provided with login credentials to a demo account with virtual funds where we measure trading performance in the evaluation process.

  competition is heating up to get the number one spot as prop trading firm, and new updates to the prop trading is shaking things up.

  the forexearlywarning trading system pointed you to the same exact trade and sent traders push alerts from our mobile app for notification. So if you are looking for funding from any source make sure you have a great, proven trading system before you get so you can leveage the money you get.

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Ftmo prop trading

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