Fractal alligator system

Fractal alligator system

  so in order for a fractal to appear and stay on the chart forever, the trader must wait for 2 candles to the right of the fractal. Lets get into our chart example for this bill williams fractals alligator trading system.

  wait for the signal to sell from the alligator the green lips line must cross the two remaining ones. The alligator lines intertwine, and fractals form above and below the mas. After the flat, the market starts moving downwards, the alligator wakes up and opens its mouth.

  hello friends today videos is a amazing trading system (fractal alligator trading system) in this system required two indicator combination fractal & alliga.

  step 1 apply both fractals and bill williams alligator indicator on your chart step 2 a down fractal must appear below alligator teeth and the price action must stay below the alligator teeth for at least 5 consecutive candles.

  alligator and fractals trading strategy indicators was developed by bill williams. The topics covered includesintroduction to bill williams trading theorybi.

  crypto trading tips - how to use the williams fractal & alligator system. Crypto trader josh olszewicz offers some basic tips and tricks to become a more pro.

The key elements in the profitunity strategy are fractals and the alligator. These indicators can be called trend indicators, so their use for the analysis of graphs with periods m1-m30 is impractical. The fact is that on these timeframes market noise prevails, which prevents the correct operation of analytical tools.

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Fractal alligator system

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