Forex trading terminologies pdf

Forex trading terminologies pdf

For example if you trade forex pair xyz for one standard lot, you are actually trading 100,000 of that forex pair. There are smaller lot amounts that will allow you to trade with smaller amounts than the 100,000 standard lot.

Authorized forex dealer any type of financial institution that has received authorization from a relevant regulatory body to act as a dealer involved with the trading of foreign currencies. Dealing with authorized forex dealers ensure that your transactions are being executed in a legal and just way.

This rarely happens in forex trading, but having said that it can happen, especially over the weekend as this is the only time the forex market is closed. But it is rare! I can give you one example where i was caught out on a weekend. Late 2003 i was in open positions over the weekend where i was basically going against the us dollar, and then us troops captured saddam hussein.

  in this section of our forex trading pdf, we are going to run through some of the most commonly used forex trading terminologies in the industry. Pip stands for point in percentage, and depicts any small changes noted in currency pairs within the forex market. The pip represents the smallest amount possible a currency quote can.

If youre a beginner in the forex market, chances are youve stumbled upon an article or forum post that include terms such as pips, cross-pairs, margin and others. Those are basic terms of the forex market that all traders need to know. Weve created a list of the most important forex trading terminology to help get you started in the market.

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Forex trading terminologies pdf

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