Forex factory forum eurusd

Forex factory forum eurusd

  trying to learn this forex business and the old standard of cut your losses short and let your profits run just did not work for me. Running 3 demo accounts doing this all started sucking big time (2 that is). If anyone other than my wife had seen how guarded i was with this virtual money they would of had me committed.

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Forums trades news calendar market brokers login join 202am sister sites. Did oanda just drop its spread for eurusd to 1 pip? 11 replies.

  forums trades news calendar market brokers login join useremail password remember. Forums trades news calendar market brokers login join 253pm sister sites.

Did oanda just drop its spread for eurusd to 1 pip? 11 replies.

  forums trades news calendar market brokers login join 131pm sister sites. Did oanda just drop its spread for eurusd to 1 pip? 11 replies.

  eurusd has been bearish for weeks now, this is hardly a surprise, i think. And even fewer are probably evolved enough to understand how to effectively interact in a trading forum. This is now a social media site that is pure dysfunction mixed with sprinkles of clarity here and there.

  eurusd is bearish on the daily timeframe, weekly is ranging, but has some bearish pressure. I expect a move down first at the lower levels and then bullish price action again.

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Forex factory forum eurusd

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