Fordham university cyber security conference

Fordham university cyber security conference

International conference on cyber security special event the federal bureau of investigation and fordham university hosted a complimentary iccs special event on thursday, january 28, 2021 , as part of the virtual iccs speaker series.

For more than a decade the international conference on cyber security (iccs), sponsored by the federal bureau of investigation and fordham, has grown to become one of the premier international events on cybersecurity. This years conference will take place from july 22 to 25 at fordham law school.

International conference on cyber security special event edward m. Stroz home about leadership and administration administrative offices office of the president international conference on cyber security special event edward m. Stroz, gabelli 79, is an accomplished entrepreneur and trusted cyber risk advisor.

International conference on cyber security special event christopher a. He graduated with a bachelors degree from yale university in 1989 and earned his law degree from yale law school in 1992. In 1993, wray joined the international law firm of king & spalding llp, where he spent almost 17.

It seminar cyber security - from victim to victor presented by the new york city hispanic chamber of commerce sponsored by j. And fordham university wednesday, october 10, 2018 300 - 500 p. Lowenstein, south lounge back by popular demand, this seminar will teach you best practices to protect your business and yourself peronsonally in the digital age.

As assistant director of the fbis cyber division, matt gorham is responsible for all cyber investigations and operations. He has been with the fbi for the past 23 years and has held a wide range of operational and leadership positions throughout his career. Gorham has worked on both criminal and national security investigations overseas, in multiple field offices, and at fbi headquarters in.

The fordham center for cybersecurity (fcc) is an interdisciplinary and interschool hub for cybersecurity education, research, and training.

  fbi director christopher wrays remarks at the fordham university - fbi international conference on cyber security, new york city, new york raising our game cyber security in.

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Fordham university cyber security conference

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Fordham university cyber security conference

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