Fonterra global dairy update

Fonterra global dairy update

The global dairy update keeps our farmer shareholders, investors and stakeholders informed about the co-operative. It provides a review of key business developments and information on fonterras activities around the world.

  fonterras season-to-date new zealand milk collection reached 527 million kgms at the end of october, flat on the prior season. Fonterras australia milk collection for october decreased 7. Sustainability report shows most encouraging progress to date. The next issue of the global dairy update will be published on 29 january.

Global dairy update fonterra co-operative group issue seven, february 2013 page 4 global dairy market update global trade in dairy ingredients was up 5. Growth in whole milk powder (wmp) remained solid with imports up 6. Growth continued for skim milk powder (smp) with imports up 9.

Global dairy update fonterra co-operative group issue ten, june 2013 page 6 glossary gdt-twi a chain-linked, trade-weighted fisher index that uses total international trade flows. The index uses globaldairytrade prices where available and usda dairy market news prices elsewhere.

Global dairy update fonterra co-operative group issue fourteen, october 2013 page 5 programmes. Glossary gdt price index all gdt price indices are chain-linked fisher indices using winning quantities and winning prices.

Global dairy update may 2017 key dates measurement date for share standard 201718 season end of financial year 2017 late september 2017 annual results announced 1 december 2017 compliance date for share standard 201718 season new zealand production for the 201617 season (from ) is down 2 to the end of march.

Global dairy update fonterra co-operative group issue twelve, august 2013 page 3 new zealand dollar trend the chart below shows the spot price of the nzdusd rate over the past three years. The green line is the fonterra average conversion rate (facr). It shows our foreign currency rate adjusted for the gains and losses arising from fonterras currency hedging.

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Fonterra global dairy update

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