Fifa 20 coin wipe

Fifa 20 coin wipe

  mine was a deserved coin wipe ( 6573coins) my friend was a tranfer market ban for the corrent fifa title i would like to get some feedback from players, that recieved a tranfer market ban like this, to confirm if the ban was lifted in the next fifa. Ps no need to reply to this post with negative msg, i know what ive done, what where the penaltys and im not contesting them.

  transferring fifa ultimate team coins without getting a coin-wipe or banned isnt that difficult as you expect. How can i transfer fut coins safely? First of all you need patience.

However you removed all of my coins i had 155k in my account previous and the total would of been around 340k because of tax. I have a receipt of the order and my coin balance before the coins were put into my possession. I am annoyed about losing the 190k i bought but the 150k already on there should not of been taken as it was from the fifa points i have bought not from coins purchasing.

I have purchashed lots of fifa points and have now been wiped! I am being told that they should respond in the next 24 hours but if not then there is nothing i can do but go back to the generic helpline. However, i do have a lot of priaise for the staff on this helpline who have been very helpful and professional throughout.

Since there were so many people sending them bitchy replies denying coin-buying last year (even though we know the vast majority of people did), this year, instead of banning your whole account, they just wipe your coins. Again, this is according to the fifa forums, and its happening to a lot of people who bought coins.

We guarantee 100 safe and you wont get coins wiped or account banned after buy coins on our website. We promise the delivery of fifa 21 coins within an average of 30 minutes. The coins price is updated every day to provide customers a reasonable purchase than most of other stores.

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Fifa 20 coin wipe

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