Fidelity vs lively hsa

Fidelity vs lively hsa

However, at fidelity, you can tell that hsas are just one thing they do.

Since you just signed up, while lively says there is no fee, i would get confirmation of this if you do decide to rollover to fidelity. Someone on boggleheads read the eula and found that there is a early termination fee with the bank they use if you close your bank account within less than a year. Maybe thats not enforced, but i dont want to risk it so ill be rolling over my hsa mid next year.

Also have 100 in lively after opening a lively hsa last year (never got around to the trustee-to-trustee transfer). I now hear that as of january 2019, both fidelity and lively are offering a completely free personal hsa account to people.

Among the hsa providers we evaluated, these are the only hsas that charge no fees to spenders, avoiding maintenance and additional fees.

  the drawback to lively versus fidelity is that if you want to invest, you must maintain an account an td ameritrade as well as an account at lively. If you are an individual, lively is free for their basic hsa.

  for instance, if you have 5,000 in your hsa, that balance would grow by 54 per year at fidelity at the next-best provider, it would grow by 15, and at the worst provider, youd lose 41.

  lively was just founded in 2016, so this hsa provider hasnt been around that long.

  for investing or just parking your money in the hsa to be used for medical bills, lively is a far superior hsa than all the others mentioned here.

  fidelity is already a top investment firm for retirement accounts, so hsa accounts are a natural fit as well. With a fidelity hsa, there are no recurring fees and no minimums. The account has many bells and whistles available with regular fidelity brokerage accounts too, which makes it worth consideration.

In doing so, they have become the first large investment brokerage to break into the hsa space for individual investors. Fidelity had previously offered employer-sponsored hsa accounts, but not individual hsas.

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Fidelity vs lively hsa

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