Ff7 remake crossdressing cloud

Ff7 remake crossdressing cloud

  there are aspects of final fantasy vii that havent aged well, and one of the most divisive scenes involved the cross-dressing quest in wall market. The majority of the characters are accepting of clouds decision to dress like a woman and the inclusion of a storyline involving cross-dressing was almost unheard of in a video game in the 90s.

  ff7 remake keeps cross-dressing cloud, says notions of gender dont apply to beauty square enix has just dropped a meaty new trailer for the final fantasy 7 remake.

Final fantasy vii remake depending on the players choices, the outfit cloud dons when crossdressing will change, as well as tifas and aeriths.

  cross-dressing cloud confirmed for final fantasy vii remake there were a couple of things from the original 1999 final fantasy vii that fans wanted to see returning in the upcoming final fantasy vii remake. Square enix gave them one of those, with the appearance of tifa during square enixs e3 2019 press conference.

  hello everyone, it is i the crafting dj here welcoming you to midgar. Ex-soldier cloud works with avalanch as the planet is being deteriorated by the preside.

In wall market in midgar, cloud must dress up as a woman to gain access to don corneos mansion. By obtaining certain key items, it is possible to guarantee that cloud will be chosen by don corneo particularly useful as in more recent editions of the game, having cloud selected counts as a trophyachievement - consummate cross-dresser.

Seeing cloud as a girl might cause some transgendered individuals to try and claim cloud is some pro-lgbt video game icon, and hes not. The whole don corneo storyline should be cut from the remake. The crossdressing quest worked for the quirky, chibi ps1 version, but doesnt work as well for modern gamers who are a tad more refined.

The more clear-cut problems with the sequence lie in the events leading up to dons mansion. In the original game, cloud needs to collect various traditionally feminine clothing and accessories from locations in midgars wall market.

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Ff7 remake crossdressing cloud

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