Fedhealth flexifed 3 grid

Fedhealth flexifed 3 grid

  flexifed 3 is the ideal plan for young, growing families, helping you with health cover for pregnancy, birth and those busy early childhood years. Get unlimited maternity cover with network gps and specialists, and unlimited cover for network gps and specialists.

On fl exifed 3grid, you save 11 on your monthly contribution by committing to use fedhealths network of 100 top-class hospitals only for planned procedures. In the case of an emergency for stabilising treatment, you can still use any private hospital and will be covered without any co-payment.

And save 11 on your monthly contributions by using network hospitals only, or choose flexifed 3. And save 25 on your monthly contribution by choosing to pay a r12 000 co-payment for planned procedures at any private hospital. Medivault and wallet facility, a predetermined amount available for your.

  fedhealth flexifed 3 grid medical aid plan cancer, maternity and mental health benefits january 31, 2021 this page shows the oncology (cancer), maternity and mental health benefits for fedhealth flexifed 3 grid.

Fedhealth - flexifed 3 any flexible option fedhealths flexifed 3 any flexible option is ideal for young, growing families. It offers unlimited hospital benefits at private hospitals, along with attractive maternity and basic dental benefits. Includes cover for more antenatalpostnatal classes and chronic conditions than the flexifed 2 option.

Page 3 flexifed 4grid flexifed 4grid page 4 customised interaction with members fedhealth website recently redesigned, the sleek new fedhealth website, fedhealth.

Member r4 500 member 1 dependant r8 700 member 2 dependants r9 900 member 2 or more dependants r11 700. Member r3 900 member 1 dependant r7 200 member 2 dependants r8 400 member 2 or more dependants r9 900. Medivault and wallet you are allocated money for day-to-day medical expenses available in your personal medivault.

Fedhealth network day clinics please note that this list is subject to changes during the year. Please contact the fedhealth customer contact centre on 0860 002 153 or refer to the website for the latest network hospital and day clinic lists.

  flexifed 2 grid designated service provider - clicks, dis-chem, medirite,.

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Fedhealth flexifed 3 grid

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