Excelsior box citi field review

Excelsior box citi field review

Been looking at tickets for the mets and came across excelsior level seating.

Although not a traditional choice for impressing a guest as they dont have in-seat wait service or super close views, excelsior box sections 330-333 along the left field line are worth a look. The 300 tier excelsior level has a private concourse for a more intimate feel, but the main reason to sit here is the short walk to the porche grill located near the left field corner.

Row 12 is the last row on this section and i would assume all the excelsior box sections. This creates a restricted view due the overhang of the upper deck. Fly balls will disappear from view and the scoreboard can not be seen. Across the concourse is a well appointed bar which is nice except the patrons watch the game with their drinks precariously perched on the rail directly behind the 12th row.

Excelsior box club - great viewing height, easy access, and reasonable ticket prices combine to give fans a great value option in these excelsior level sections down the baselines.

Excelsior box club fans in the excelsior box seats will enjoy access to the porsche grill, jim beam highball, and foxwoods club lounges found throughout the stadium. The porsche grill (found in the left field corner) features a more upscale restaurant and bar area for fans to enjoy, and also comes with views of the city skyline and the worlds fair marina.

Johnsgeorgetown game at citi field on 32909, from section 312 of citi field.

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Excelsior box citi field review

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