Error code 1 mt4

Error code 1 mt4

Errnoresult 1 no error returned, but the result is unknown.

  did you look at what error 1 means ? Ordermodify attempts to replace the values already set with the same values.

Errnoresult 1 no error returned, but the result is unknown getlasterror() - returns a last generated error-code. The same value is available via a system variable named lasterror. Its value can be reset before a critical activity to zero by calling resetlasterror().

  from the mt4 documentation the error means you are updating either a stop or tp with an unchanged value. I dont think it is a serious problem and may well be informational only.

81 the function code 1 (read coil status - with the highest bit set) 02 the exception code b053 the crc (cyclic redundancy check). The exception code gives an indication of the nature of the problem.

  either affair can take 1-3 hours or more (much more if you have to reinstall the os from scratch, think of all the software you use, all of the settings in each piece of software). What is worrisome is that the precipitating event to all of this was that i made the grave mistake of pressing the microphone icon in wmr menu whilst in steamvr.

--- the first way to get the uninitialization reason code print (function, uninitalization reason code ,reason) --- the second way to get the uninitialization reason code print (function, uninitreason ,getuninitreasontext(uninitreason)).

All expert advisors created by ea coder display a special error message code on mt4 charts when an error occurs during the open, close or modification phase of an order. If you see a message like oe131 on your chart when a new trade was supposed to be opened, youll know that an error has occurred.

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Error code 1 mt4

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