Eos target price 2018

Eos target price 2018

Eos market cap along would have to be 300 billion in june to make this a reality. Following from my previous charts comparing eos with eth birth fractals. I have now updated the chart with potential price targets if we see the same gains.

The cryptocurrency speculators say that the price of eos by the end of this year may be around 37. The consistent rise in the number of tokens of eos is what has grabbed the attention of the investors and the reason of the numerous queries of the welfare of eos in 2018. The soothsayers predict that at the end of five years the price will be near about 143.

6, after which it will continue to decline for the foreseeable future. All of this negative pressure would further complement the downward eos price trend materializing throughout most of 2018.

With such a strong performance company datain 1h18, eos has proven that it can successfully transition from an r&d company to a large scale manufacture delivering r, margins inline with industry leaders. - eos offers investors exposure to a strong underlyingdefence.

Eos has been a bit behind other alt coins for this previous run up but now it is heading for 15, or even 20 dollars in the short term. With a relatively low market cap compared to other mainstream coins and good fundamentals i could see eos easily hitting 50 usd this year.

  at the beginning of 2018, the price of eos in the crypto world rose to about 15 and went right back to 4 in march. In april, bitcoins price in the crypto world rose and eos followed and rose to 21 only to fall back to 4 by august.

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Eos target price 2018

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Eos target price 2018

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