Elon musk trading bot

Elon musk trading bot

Elon musks love affair with cryptocurrency shows no sign of ending, after a filing with the securities and exchange commission announced the adoption of new official titles for him and news. Elon musks latest canine-themed tweet didnt pump dogecoin as much as shib. Though the price of dogecoin (doge) surged over the weekend to surpass 0.

Now, we do not need to wait for elon musk to tweet something. We are especially waiting for elon mush to tweet about some crypto-currency or company so that its value goes up in the market.

Tradoge is a binance trading bot that instantly buys and sells doge cryptocurrency on binance when elon musk tweets about it.

I created elonbot - a trading bot that follows elon musks dogecoin and bitcoin tweets to trade cryptocurrency on binance.

Elon musk is built on the latest version of discordjs which means it has the latest features and latest support and updates. Not only all that good stuff but we also update the test bot daily and this main bot weekly! Up to 15 new commands a week! We are also currently working on changeable prefixes, points system for all guilds not.

  elon musk has stated that he holds bitcoin in his portfolio but has not said that he uses robots to trade bitcoin. His interests are in the technology and the potential of cryptocurrencies.

  quantum ai elon musk scam what makes this scam particularly insidious is that it uses a huge personality, namely elon musk to promote its product. But what we and other researchers have uncovered is that elon musk actually doesnt promote this trading platform. Quantum ai used real footage of musk delivering a speech and overlaid an audio.

Teslas eccentric ceo and co-founder, elon musk directly referenced ethereum (), saying he is not for or against the network. Not for or against it, just dont use it or own any, musk revealed in a july 2 tweet.

Elon musk, the billionaire founder of tesla and spacex, has touted the revolutionary impact of cryptocurrencies while seemingly poking fun at the concept in the same breath. In a video that was uploaded by kevin svenson, musk can be heard saying, there is a good chance that crypto is the future currency of earth. How ironic would it be if dogecoin (), the coin invented as a joke.

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Elon musk trading bot

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