Elite dangerous vr graphics settings

Elite dangerous vr graphics settings

Hi guys! I bought elite dangerous last weekend but its looking very blurry all around. I have been looking on forums what the best settings are but i didnt find it yet.

Kaiis excellent elite dangerous profiler, it makes it so much easier to tweak settings in vr.

It has both normal and vr modes listed so im wondering if its using separate settings for each mode. Try swiching it from high or ultra or whatever youre running to vr high or vr ultra. Also, theres settings in steamvr that lets you set your resolution scaling on a game by game basis.

  in this video about elite dangerous i am going to talk about pimping up your graphics settings. The settings i will be discussing in this video is about the g.

  the render target setting changes the graphics for all vive games only in vr. I played other games and they just look awesome too but i had bad fps. Have fun with your vive) last edited by locoscratch jul 14, 2016 1019am showing 1-15 of 75 comments.

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Elite dangerous vr graphics settings

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