Electric underfloor heating suspended floor

Electric underfloor heating suspended floor

Installing a suspended underfloor heating system wont be more trouble than it needs to be with our range of options. We offer solutions for having the heating system installed above or below the joists. If you have any enquiries about the services and products we can provide, contact our underfloor experts on 0333 800 1750.

Underfloor heating we would say is a nice to have as the ability to walk on a nice warm floor even in the midst of winter is definitely a really pleasurable experience. In addition, provided you have a well-insulated property it can be a much more efficient way of heating your property compared to using radiators.

Underfloor heating can be installed on any suspended timber floor with wooden joists whether on ground or upper floor levels. Warm water underfloor heating (ufh) in a suspended timber floor offers all the benefits associated with this form of heating without adding height to the overall floor construction.

We have 3 different solutions for installing water underfloor heating pipes in between joistedsuspended floors pipe spacing to be 200mm apart or less. This means you need to select a conservatory style kit or a multiple room kit standard room kits are designed with the pipe spacing at 250mm centers which would mean you would not have enough pipe in the kit.

Please view below the different methods used by thermo-floor uk limited to achieve excellent results when using underfloor heating suspended floors.

  you can also use electric underfloor heating with suspended timber floors but in these cases, you would use the original timber floorboards as a subfloor and install the electric system on top of it before laying down a new flooring finish.

This is a very expensive way of installing underfloor heating in timber suspended floors and at the end of the aluminium plate the temperature is not going to be very high. Clearly there should be a cheaper solution that works without using the very expensive aluminium plates. After all, first floors are often timber suspended and less heat is usually required as it is supplemented by heat from the ground floor.

Wet, which is so called because hot water is pumped through pipes in the floor, or dry which is the name used for electric systems that run off the mains. Wet systems are fed off hot water often heated by a boiler, but also work well with renewables such as solar panels or heat pumps.

  electric floor heaters are available as either a heated mat or heating cable-based system and both convert electric energy into radiant warmth. Heating mats use ultra-thin electric heating wires pre-attached to a ready-sized mat which can simply be rolled out and adhered to the subfloor. Heating cables take the form of a free-form electric wire which can be directly installed onto or within.

Over 2 million electric systems sold worldwide guaranteed for life. Over 2 million electric systems sold worldwide guaranteed for life.

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Electric underfloor heating suspended floor

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Electric underfloor heating suspended floor
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