Edward ricketts forex

Edward ricketts forex

Edward ricketts forex trader at team take profits london, united kingdom 13 connections. Report this profile experience forex trader team take profits view edwards full profile see who you know in common get introduced.

  edward, who is currently studying a business and enterprise course, first came across forex when he saw a trader - who was double his age - discussing it on instagram in august 2018. In awe of his expensive clothes and fancy cars, the 16-year-old wrote the dealer a private message, asking him for trading tips.

  edward ricketts, who says he learned his tips from youtube, was just 16 when he spotted a foreign exchange market trader boasting on instagram about how much money he.

Edward ricketts my story 17 year old 6 figure forex trader. Heres a short breakdown of how the come up has been for me over the past year. Hope you guys enjoy it! Dont forget to like, comment and subscribe - post notifications on. Thanks! Share it with your friends! Tweet share pin it linkedin google reddit tumblr.

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Edward ricketts forex

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