Ea buy sell martingale

Ea buy sell martingale

  hedging martingale has 6 versions, opens two trades of buy and sell together,and uses the martingale method.

One of the two order close in gain and the ea re-open another order with the same sign (buy or sell) and the same lot, the other order is left in lose and the ea re-open another order with the same sign (buy or sell) but with the double size lots.

  characteristics buysell signals fixed on the close of a bar. Clear visual market trend laser line, buysell signal arrows, market strength meter, tp1 & tp2 boxes. (ask for a free set file optimized to perform 2010-2018) para 50 usd.

Rsi martingale ea has some parameters so you can adjust it according to your needs, ill explain it in details. Max opened trades 0disable max opened trades in the same time for buy trades and sell trades indivitually. Enable time filter option to enable trading only on speicified hours.

Buymode- you can select either you want both, martingale and anti-martingale. Both the ea will perform both martingale and anti-martingale whereby lot size will multiply by 2 if your settings on multiplier is 2 on your buy trade.

I tested in my mt4 tester and it opened only two martingale step on sell orders, like 0,02 and 0,02 lots size and no more steps even if market have rise 500 pips above the last sell order. The buy orders works good 0,02 , 0,02 , 0,03 , 0,05 and 0,07 lots size.

  ea double marti naik turun profit dan meminimalkan mcwa 0856 5911 1514isi paket 1.

Run your ea in tester and you can see, that buy and sell are mixed and hard to find if martingale is working think about input parameter for selecting trade type (only buy, only sell, or both), name this parameter tradetype and value 1 can be buy, value 2 can be sell, and 0 will representing both.

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Ea buy sell martingale

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Ea buy sell martingale
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