Drumm geminy shield deadbolt guard

Drumm geminy shield deadbolt guard

Alle unsere geminy produkte sind innovative sicherheitslösungen, made in germany. If you are interested to read the complete test report or in case you need it, because you want to check if our product is designed to also protect your doors, so you are welcome to view or download.

The deadbolt geminy shield one of the strongest geminy shield configurations, the geminy shield replaces the outer ring of the abloy deadbolt. It uses 5 strong steel bolts through the door (4 on the lockable thumbturn deadbolts) to secure itself in place.

This drumm geminy shield protects your cylinder against drilling pulling, lock picking and vandalism. And by vandalism i mean to say, it protects against the insertion of glue, wooden stick of a match, dirt, sand etc. Which can be inserted in the keyway of a locks cylinder and could potentially, impede the unlocking process. The locking mechanism in the shield itself is protected by a.

The geminy shield is an innovative product that goes over an existing locking cylinder to offer enhanced resistance to physical and malicious attacks.

Geminy products protect the cylinder lock - whether mechanical or electronic - against all known burglary techniques and vandalism. But here the end of the possibilities of geminy solutions is far from being reached.

Drumm geminy shield deadbolt guard protects an abloy deadbolt against advanced physical attack and vandalism for the ultimate physical security combination.

The geminy shield does require additional holes be drilled through the door for the mounting bolts. In most door this should not pose a problem however you should ensure you can do this. In addition the geminy shield only works with euro profile locks, not bilock product line. In addition it is important to consider the fact the top of the shield must be able to slide.

The geminy long model replaces in most cases simple cylinder escutcheon. When locked, the screws are covered by the shield - so the lock can only be removed when it is opened.

Drumm geminy high security cylinder covers are designed with the ultimate security in mind from a mechanical product. Designed to cover your euro profile or oval profile cylinder and only allow access with a special geminy pan shaped key which has almost unlimited differs. The geminy key can be a loose item or built into the key for convenience.

  as for the drumm geminy, like most mechanical locking devices it can be picked, but most people have never even seen one and would probably have no idea how to begin compromising one. Its very expensive, but if you want overkill security its something to consider adding to a deadbolt. Im thinking about getting a couple of them myself, for my front and back doors.

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Drumm geminy shield deadbolt guard

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