Dragon age 2 janeka or larius

Dragon age 2 janeka or larius

  dragon age 2 legacy- choosing between janeka and larius - youtube.

  dragon age dragon age 2 da2 combat, strategy and gameplay legacy.

  janeka is a senior grey warden interested in the ancient darkspawn corypheus. 2 dragon age inquisition 3 quests 4 codex entries 5 trivia 6 see also 7 gallery 8 references janeka is a seasoned grey warden who was given command of the warden prison in the vimmark mountains after warden-commander larius left for his calling.

  saying that we need to side with janeka because she thinks she might be able to control corypheus in hopes that she might be able to stop future blights is very similar to saying we must side with the architect in daa because he is attempting to stop future blights by awakening the darkspawn (even though he is responsible for the last blight).

  dragon age dragon age 2 da2 story, campaign and characters larius or janeka? I started out siding with larius, since they were both crazy, but janeka is pretty clearly being manipulated, so she was dangerously crazy.

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Dragon age 2 janeka or larius

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Dragon age 2 janeka or larius
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