Dr steve yu

Dr steve yu

After finishing residency at case western reserve university in 2008, dr. Yu has focused his entire medical practice on minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (migs). Yu started his career in whittier, california and after 4 years he was recruited by ucla due to his expertise in migs.

In gaithersburg, maryland, and on lee highway in fairfax, virginia. Established in 1990, we have served the community over 26 years. We are committed to serve all the diverse communities in the region, including underserved and patients who have no i nsurance.

From health sciences center flushing medical center, albert eienstein university, new york, obstetric gynecology residency american board of obstetrics and gynecology certified fellow of american college of obstetrics and gynecology experience high risk obstetric clinical instructor at prince george hospital for 8.

Steve yu, itil expert, certified cobit assessor, pmp, prince2 approved trainer, isoiec 27001 lead auditor, isoiec 20000 auditor, mct, cisa, ceh, togaf 9 certified, certified big data consultant, mensan, is an experienced it professional and trainer. He has been providing academic and professional training and also been a dissertation supervisor of doctoral programs.

  about stephen a yu, md a native of irvine and fluent in english and mandarin, dr. Yu is excited to return to his hometown to give back and provide high quality health care for his community.

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Dr steve yu

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