Domus housing waterloo

Domus housing waterloo

Is a leader in providing innovative real estate investment and management solutions. Having over 14 years of experience, our areas of expertise include student housing, residential, development consulting, condominiums, and asset stabilization. Our portfolio includes over 500 million in assets across canada and we pride ourselves on bringing results and offering outstanding.

Contact us for information & details for domus student housing in waterloo. Learn about student rentals near the universities in waterloo.

I have known tara for the last 6 years in her capacity as the principal at domus student housing offering excellent property management services to student housing real estate investment groups in waterloo area and kelowna, bc.

Fully furnished private bachelors in kitchener waterloo private, curated comfort! Now open, n u u d offers hotel-like living perfectly suited to the 2021 lifestyle. 62 university offers 5 bedrooms 2 bathroom bright suites with amazing.

Domus student housing is a student housing focused property management firm in the heart of waterloo. We rent & manage houses and apartments to university of waterloo and wilfrid laurier students. Theres landlords who are kind, work hard to find you a place & know the laws.

Basic facts description neighborhood features video agent 1. 00 date added 060319 bedrooms 5 bathrooms 5 type apartment description. 74 marshall offers 5 bedroom 5 bathroom ensuites as well as one luxury 2 bedroom 1 bathroom suite.

Rents & manages houses and apartments to university of waterloo and wilfrid laurier students! Call to book your tour 1-855-my-domus.

Rents & manages houses and apartments to university of waterloo and wilfrid laurier students! Call to book your tour 1-855-my-domus.

I personally would not rent from domus, they dont seem that great and theyre definitely sketchy. I would suggest connecting with the uw off-campus housing office because theyll be able to help you out if you have questions about lawsby-laws in waterloo.

Rental properties student living learning resource property management. Mvp properties has a vast list of features all available for free.

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Domus housing waterloo

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