Dolphin chemical free water treatment

Dolphin chemical free water treatment

Chemical-free blow down water can be reused for secondary applications (irrigation, greywater) dolphin watercare eliminates biofilm ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency reduced operating costs.

This video provides an overview of the dolphin watercare solution from clearwater systems. Clearwaters ceo anupam bhargava describes how dolphin watercare improves.

The dolphin watercare solution, with a world-wide install base of over 5,500 systems, is a proven, full-service, and sustainable water treatment alternative to hazardous chemical water treatment for evaporative cooling and refrigeration systems.

Nats dolphin water treatment system specifically addresses the hardness and cleanliness of water. Not only does it remove the minerals that cause hardness, it also cleans the water, eliminating chlorine and chloramines to produce nothing but high quality, clean water.

Dolphin watercare immediately reduces the environmental footprint of a facility by eliminating toxic water treatment chemicals, and utilizing the resource-efficient, pulse-powered dolphin system to treat condenser water. Given corporate mandates to incorporate sustainable, green technologies into the facility operation, dolphin watercare presents a compelling opportunity to generate operational savings while treating water in an environmentally friendly manner.

  while i had very few failures with a previous chemical free water treatment system, i am now working with a newer generation of technology by flow-tech systems that propagates a measurable signal throughout the water channel. The signal is conducted into the water and is measurable with an oscilloscope throughout the system.

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Dolphin chemical free water treatment

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