Does ledger support eos

Does ledger support eos

What is eos (eos) eos is a scalable smart contracts platform built to provide the infrastructure for a new generation of decentralized applications (dapps). One, and primarily the brainchild of dan larimer, eos concluded one of the most successful icos in history -- raising roughly 4. 2 billion in a one-year extended sale that ended on june 1st, 2018.

  on tuesday (4 september 2018), cryptocurrency hardware wallet maker ledger announced support for several popular cryptoassets for its ledger nano s device, with the most notable one being eos.

Not supported yet on ledger live neo wallet hedge trade (hedg) more details ledger live mycrypto myetherwallet iota (miota) more details not supported yet on ledger live trinity cosmos (atom) more details ledger live lunie cosmostation zcash (zec) more details ledger live terra (luna) more details not supported yet on ledger live terra station wallet.

It is much more secure to use a hardware wallet to manage various functions on eosio chains. The official wallet of eos authority makes it easy to use ledger nano s.

One was calling eos a b1 pump and dump, the other was saying that mods were colluding to protect b1 and it was eosnation behind that moderation. We will remove anything that calls eos a scam, a pump and dump or is perceived as malicious, abusive, harassing or trolling.

  that said, whether you decide to go for eos or other less popular tokens, it will, most likely, be supported by ledger. When it comes to usability and design, ledger nano x has a wider screen compared to the companys previous model - ledger nano s (youll find it in our list of the best eos wallet as well).

  the ledger blue guarantees support of over 30 cryptocurrencies, including btc, eth, xrp, and altcoins, allowing users to manage up to 11 assets at the same time using the only hardware wallet. Unlike nano s and nano x, this wallet does not support some coins including binance coin, eos, cardano, monero, tezos, zcash, and others.

Ledger supports these cryptocurrencies mostly by integrating myetherwalletand mycryptowallet (beware of phishing scams with both of these sites!) ledger supports cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin xrp ethereum bitcoin cash eos stellar litecoin tether tron cardano iota binance coin monero dash neo and over 1000 more.

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Does ledger support eos

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