Discover card user id

Discover card user id

If you forgot your user id, click the forgot user idpassword link on the main login page. You will then need to choose forgot user id under the credit cards option. At this point, you can log in with your 16-digit account number as your user id. Once you are logged in to your account, select account profile from the top of your screen.

Before you can recover your user id, we need a little more information about the primary cardmember.

In order to recover your user id and reset your password, we need a little more information about the primary cardmember opens modal dialog.

Your user id helps protect the confidentiality of your account and enables us to verify your identity. Create a user id that will be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. Your user id must be 6-16 characters and can contain most special characters except for - and spaces.

, jim14my or my2dog5is) avoid using family or pet names, your birthday, your anniversary or your social security number use a word you can remember, but replace some of the letters with numbers (e. , s1cr1t) your user id must be 616 characters and can contain any character found on your computers keyboard except spaces.

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Discover card user id

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