Dinar iraq and dong vietnam

Dinar iraq and dong vietnam

Latest news about new iraqi dinar (iqd) & vietnam dong (vnd) - seek to provide attention to detail.

Latest news about new iraqi dinar (iqd) & vietnam dong (vnd) - seek to provide.

A member of the parliamentary finance committee, ahmed hama rashid, spoke today, tuesday (december 8, 2020), about a new step that the government will take to reduce the exit of hard currency from the country and control the.

We know the case can be made to look to early january 2021 for the reinstatement of the iraqi dinar. There is just too much information right not not to go in this direction of thinking. This weeks news proves that they are moving in this direction.

Dinar iraq and dong vietnam update, 8 feb i present an article where the parliament is telling us they intend to depreciate the dinar even a couple more times incrementally until they reach the 1600 dinars.

The exchange rate of the dollar rose again in the local markets in iraq, to touch the new high today, tuesday, 128 thousand dinars for every 100 us dollars. The selling price of the dollar was 127,500 iraqi dinars, while the purchase price was 126,500, roughly speaking. As for international foreign exchange rates, the euro reached 100 euros per 121.

The exchange rates of the dollar on the main stock exchange and local markets recorded, today, sunday, a slight increase from the prices recorded yesterday. The exchange rates on the al-kifah central stock exchange in the capital, baghdad, witnessed a slight increase, as the exchange rate reached 145,650 dinars for each 100 bill.

  let me reiterate that the iraqi dinar and the vietnamese dong do not fit into a retirement portfolio in any way, shape, or form. Both monetary units are often referred to as scam currencies.

Latest news about Dinar iraq and dong vietnam

Dinar iraq and dong vietnam

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Dinar iraq and dong vietnam
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