Difference between straddle and strangle

Difference between straddle and strangle

  the difference is that the strangle has two different strike prices, while the straddle has a common strike price. Options are a type of derivative security, meaning the price of the options is.

Following are the differences between straddle and strangle when to use? An investor usually goes for straddle when they have no idea on the direction that a price may move. On the other hand, strangle is when an investor believes there are more chances of a price moving in one direction, but still wants protection in case of adverse movement.

The main difference between the two, is that the probability of profit on a long strangle is lower, and its a little bit higher on the long straddle.

  in a straddle position, an investor holds a call and put option that is at-the-money. In a strangle position, an investor holds a call and put option that is out-of-the-money. Because of this, getting into a strangle position is generally cheaper than getting into a straddle position.

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Difference between straddle and strangle

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Difference between straddle and strangle
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