Defunct search engines

Defunct search engines

His list includes screen shots of both the old and current (if available) versions of hotbot, excite, webcrawler, ask jeeves, ask. Com, yahoo, google, dogpile, altavista, lycos, msn search, bing.

  though the web became publicly available in 1990, the first web search engine didnt arrive until 1993. Up until then, all websites were manually tracked and indexed by people. And while we now recognize google as the king of web search, google wasnt even in the game until 1998. During that five-year gap, twenty other search engines had their chance at glory, and most of them failed.

Alltheweb - founded in 1999, closed in 2011 altavista - acquired by yahoo! Search in 2003, shut down in 2013 wikia search - founded in late 2004 by wikia.

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While google has become synonymous with online searches, there are some other search engines like bing, yahoo!, ask, hotbot and webcrawler who have been able to at least keep their virtual doors.

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Defunct search engines

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