Decentralised cloud computing

Decentralised cloud computing

Cloud computing developed for privacy, anonymity and availability. Our vision about the future of the cloud has three imperative features encrypted, anonymous, continuous available.

Iexec aims at providing decentralized applications running on the blockchain a scalable, secure and easy access to the services, data-sets and computing resources they need. This technology relies on ethereum smart contracts and allows the building of a virtual cloud infrastructure that provides high-performance computing services on demand.

A decentralized network giving applications access to trusted off-chain computation and data.

Decentralized cloud storage represents a fundamental shift in the efficiency and economics of large-scale storage. Eliminating central control allows users to store and share data without reliance.

After four years of development, globalchainz is a fully operational decentralized supercomputing network. Globalchainz connects non-interoperable networks utilizing its own off-chain protocol to overcome current scalability issues of blockchains to directly challenge the entrenched oligopoly dominating cloud computing.

Market thesis the main idea of fog computing, the technology used by sonm, is the use of a decentralized network formed from disparate individual computing devices, as opposed to a single.

  whilst these decentralised cloud models represent a significant breakthrough from a cloud perspective, they are rooted in existing research areas such as mobile cloud computing, mobile ad hoc computing, and edge computing. This article analyses the pre-existing works to determine their role in decentralised cloud and future computing development.

Reindeer is a decentralised cloud computing network that works towards developing an extensive information database to facilitate cloud computing services like azure, gcp, aws, etc. By offering comprehensive information to the common masses, the system looks to encourage creators to exhibit their innovative designs and earn substantial returns from a global audience.

Ankr is a project that has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. They are building a cloud computing platform that will distribute idle computing power. Ankr truly believes that cloud computing is the future and they see a need for a decentralised alternative to the current monopolies of aws.

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Decentralised cloud computing

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Decentralised cloud computing
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